About Elite City Real Estate

Elite City Real Estate is one of the leading residential property developer in Dubai, besides being an advisory property research consultancy. Having been around for about a decade now and created over 3 billion in sales transactions, we are recognized as one of the reputed real estate companies in the region.

Our latest project – Elite 10 Sports Residence in Dubai Sports City

Elite 10 Sports Residence, developed by Elite City Real Estate, is located at Dubai Sports City and would be ready for delivery by mid 2017.

A Reputed Real Estate Company

Having been in the Dubai Real Estate market for about a decade now, we are recognized as one of leading real estate companies in Dubai. Globally we are recognized as a leading privately financed real estate company in Dubai.


We believe in making luxury affordable for our clients. We deliver luxurious apartments at affordable prices and easy payment plans.


We provide our clients luxurious apartments with all facilities and amenities. Our emphasis on a full turnkey solution is demonstrated in every handed over unit being fully furnished and ready to live in.


We have expanded our reach and now offer properties in the UK and Morocco. We only select the most secure investments with the highest returns and best value for money.


Our mantra for success is to offer our clients the best value for money whilst maintaining a competitive pricing and no compromise on quality.


We offer our clients flexible payment plans and build plans according to the client’s requirements.


Where else can you get 8-10% returns on your investment? Our properties have historically proven that investing in our product would get you that return. Our projects have appreciated by 10% every year for the past 10 years.


Our development is well known for delivering our product on time and in most cases ahead of time. Unlike most big developers, we make it our focus to make the delivery date and have done so in the past with all our buildings.

Dubai View

Dubai Properties

We have been developing residential properties in Dubai for about a decade. We have delivered 7 projects, and 3 are under construction.  Our focus on property development in Dubai is Dubai Sports City. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economy and real estate market in the world, and has emerged as an economic and tourist growth centre.