testIs Dubai property worth investing in
There are, at any given time, thousands of properties being built in Dubai. This means that if you’re looking to invest, there are a myriad of different routes to go. Different areas, developers, types of property and most importantly, different probabilities of a successful investment. So how can you tell if a certain property is...
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For a long time now, we continue to live in a world where goods and services are entirely geared towards the time-poor. For this reason, many people are looking to buy fully furnished new homes. If you are one of those who dream about buying a property in Dubai, here is the real deal about...
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When you’re buying a home, you’re acquiring a lifestyle. That’s why smart real estate investors look at the big picture. They assess the quality of the property. They also look at the convenience, ease of living and access to opportunities their future home can bring. They’re not necessarily looking for the most modest option –...
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test5 Reasons To Buy a Home in Dubai Sports City Now
Thanks to the constant influx of people in Dubai, the demand for accommodation in this city is quite high. People who come here for work, business or a holiday must stay somewhere temporarily or permanently. With this in mind, if you have been thinking about investing in a Dubai Sports City property or a home...
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test5 Signs You Should Invest In Dubai Real Estate
For decades, real estate investors have spent their money in places like Hong Kong, Singapore and London. However, the costs of purchasing and owning property in these and other major cities continues to skyrocket. In comparison, Dubai is a much better market for real estate investors. Below are 5 signs you should invest in Dubai....
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test10 quick tips about property
Out of all the things that you could invest money in, real estate is seen as one of the most stable. For some people, owning property is about making their future more secure. Others seek a steady revenue stream. If you are interested in real estate, below are 10 quick tips you need to think...
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testThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Investment
Money. Some people love it, some people hate it. Regardless of how you view your money, it is a necessary part of life. There are many ways to earn more cash. One of those ways is by investing. Smart investments can create a better future for you and your family. There are several ways you...
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testWhy You Shouldn't Invest in Bitcoin
If your financial advisor advised you to invest in something you didn’t understand and whose value might skyrocket one day and then lose almost all its value the next day, hopefully, you would find another advisor. Yet with the rise of Bitcoin, some investors think they should get in on ‘the next big investment’. However,...
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testElite Celebrates The Opening Of Elite 10 Sports Residence
We are happy to announce the completion of our tenth tower project in Dubai, the Elite 10 Sports Residence. Located in Dubai Sport City, this newly-completed series of apartments has some of Dubai’s best golf course views overlooking the magnificent Els Golf Club. With a modern design, state-of-the-art amenities and turn-key solutions, these fully furnished...
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About Elite City

Elite been developing residential projects in the UAE for the past decade. With nine residential towers successfully completed we have handed over 3,500 apartments to our customers.

Nine Completed Towers
3,500 Occupied Apartments
3 Billion AED Elite Stock Sold
Leading Independently Financed Developer

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