4 Reasons Why Dubai Property is the Best Asset Class Today

4 Reasons Why Dubai Property is the Best Asset Class Today

Every investor desires a good return on their investments. In general, real estate is a safe, solid, investment which creates income over a number of years. Slightly more predictable and less volatile than financial markets, real estate investment is also more tangible. In addition, property investment provides a stable income stream. In Dubai, real estate is an exceptional investment. Below are 4 reasons why Dubai property is the best asset class today.

1. Location, Location, Location

Few places are like Dubai. The city has become one of the most desirable locations to live and work in the entire world. Economically, the city is a regional powerhouse. Beyond that, more and more people are falling in love with the shining city on the Persian Gulf. In fact, Dubai attracts people from all over the world. Being such an exceptionally desirable location makes Dubai property a superior asset class.

2. Property Rentals Pay Higher Dividends

Being such a desirable place to live, work and take holidays has helped Dubai’s rental yields to surpass those in many major European cities. In Dubai, investors can expect a yield of 7 to 8% compared to a 3 to 4% yield in some European markets. Also, Dubai has neither property taxes nor taxes on rental income, capital gains or land. Combine this with higher rental yields and Dubai immediately becomes an ideal location for buying investment property.

3. Investing Early in Off Plan Properties

New construction units that are purchased from developers are called ‘Off Plan’ properties. Currently, off plan properties in Dubai are more popular than ready (resale) properties. Many investors buy off plan properties early for a favorable price and then watch as the value of their investment rises. The closer the project gets to completion, the more the property is worth. By investing early in off-plan property in Dubai, investors can take advantage of the best asset class.

4. Dubai’s Reliable Resale Market

Although it is possible to purchase off plan properties in Dubai for less than the cost of ready or resale properties in the same category, the uncompleted real estate will not begin making money until its completion. Dubai has a very strong resale market which offers attractive properties that are immediate availability for purchase.

Invest in the Best Asset Class Today

If you are ready to put your money in the best asset class today, take advantage of Dubai’s location, favorable rental yields, strong off plan market, and strong resale market. Contact Elite City (+97145013656) or leave your inquiry here today and one of our associates will be happy to connect with you within 48 hours. Let us help you invest in Dubai property!

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