4 Tips to Start Saving for Your First Property

Even though many things lose value over time, the property holds its value better than many other investments. In fact, property usually increases in value over the years. In addition to rising value, investing in property has many other benefits as well.

Owning property often brings tax benefits that other investments don’t have. And unlike stocks and bonds, property values don’t rise and fall. In addition, owning property allows you to steadily collect a passive income.

As an aspiring cash investor, you hope to purchase property someday without borrowing any money. To help you out, below are 4 tips to start saving for your first property.

Save Before You Spend

Many people’s strategy for saving money is to save whatever they have left over. They pay their rent, pay their bills, go out with friends, and spend their money however they want. Then they save the rest. Yet many people end up saving nothing.

However, you can change your mindset and do the opposite. Instead, set money aside before you have an opportunity to spend it. When you receive your salary or wages, automatically deposit a certain amount from each paycheck into a savings account. Leave the money there and don’t touch it. If you never see your money, you will never spend it!

Manage Your Spending

There’s no need to live poorly in order to save up money for an investment property. At the same time, if you are trying to save money, you need to change some spending habits. Be aware that there are ways to save money without depriving yourself.

If you go to restaurants several times a week, consider going only once. If you enjoy traveling and taking frequent trips, consider traveling less often. If you don’t shop at discount stores, do it and save some cash. Use the money that you would have spent on these and other things to save for your first property.


These days, it seems like everyone wants to upgrade and get better ‘stuff’. But by intentionally doing the opposite, you can spend less money. Instead of driving the newest car, purchase an older one. Instead of living in the biggest house or flat you can afford, live in something smaller. The money that you don’t spend will help pay for your first investment property.

Create Ways to Make Extra Money

Do you have an empty room in your home? You could rent it out. Do you have things in your house that you don’t use? Sell them. Do you have skills that you could use (writing, coding, design, etc) to earn extra cash? Find side jobs. Take extra money you make from these or other activities and dedicate it to your first investment property.

Cash Buyer, Save Your Money!

Some people dream of owning investment property. If that’s you, stop dreaming, and start saving! One day you can purchase your first property with cash.

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