How to tell if Dubai is worth investing in?

There are, at any given time, thousands of properties being built in Dubai. This means that if you’re looking to invest, there are a myriad of different routes to go. Different areas, developers, types of property and most importantly, different probabilities of a successful investment.

So how can you tell if a certain property is worth investing in or not?

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest things to look out for.

Construction site vs Developed community

Is the property located in a developed and reputable community, or is it simply a construction site? Construction site communities tend to remain so for periods of up to 10 years before they reach an established status. For secure investments with the highest ROI in the shortest time, go for developed communities.

Price per square foot

Do not be fooled by the total cost of the property you are evaluating. Look at the ratio of the total cost to total square feet of living space (AED/Sqft). This is how you evaluate how much you are getting for your money.

Reputation of developer

There are many developers out there, and unfortunately, many of them are not trustworthy.
Make sure that the developer is stable, and has an immaculate track record when it comes to delivering projects on time.

Construction progress

Ask the developer about the construction, ask to receive updates continuously and make sure that everything is going as planned. You can even visit the construction site to see that things are happening.

Unit layout

The unit layout is key when it comes to determining if it is a worthwhile investment.
This will single-handedly determine whether the unit will be livable, rentable and ultimately resellable.

If you wish to know more and to explore investment options which fulfill all of these requirements, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. To learn more, contact Triplanet Property Development Group by phone +971 4 245 2300 or leave your inquiry here for more information. Let us help you invest in Dubai property!

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