The Real Truth About Buying a Furnished Apartment

For a long time now, we continue to live in a world where goods and services are entirely geared towards the time-poor. For this reason, many people are looking to buy fully furnished new homes. If you are one of those who dream about buying a property in Dubai, here is the real deal about buying a furnished apartment.

What is usually included in a furnished apartment?

When you buy a fully furnished apartment, it will usually come with essential things for making a home livable such as a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a fridge, some chairs and a sofa. Depending on your wants and funds, you could buy a studio with basic furnishings.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of modern investors opt to invest in a luxury apartment offering the best of creature comforts — modern appliances and upgrades such as a king size beds, fitness equipment and elegant décor.

Who are they good for?

Furnished apartments are perfect for people who are pressed for time, who want their apartment to instantly look “done.” They want all the basic “trimmings” thrown in without having to spend a lot of time researching sofas, and spending precious weekends browsing in furniture stores.

In Dubai, high-end furnished apartments are attractive for:

  • ●   Buyers who seek the look, feel and experience of luxury living
  • ●   First-time buyers who want an “instant” home with tastefully designed and furnished interiors.
  • ●   Expats looking to live, work and play with utmost convenience.
  • ●   Second-home owners and investors who want a turnkey solution.

The pros and cons of furnished apartments

When considering whether or not to buy or live in a furnished apartment, it is essential to weigh both the pros and cons. After all, you know very well that the price quoted will have the furnishings built in, so make sure to choose the option that gives the best value for money.


  • ●   You don’t have to deal with moving heavy furniture and electrical appliances.
  • ●   You won’t have to spend time and money looking for and purchasing furniture and appliances.
  • ●   You have the opportunity to personalize it to make it your home without worrying about the basic amenities.
  • ●   Luxury furnished homes come with a range of facilities and amenities to make home living easier and efficient.
  • ●   Luxury furnished apartments for sale in Dubai Sports City boast of prime locations such as Sports City where the best opportunities are within reach.


  • ●   If you already own big furniture, or a lot of furnishings that will require more space, you may have to store or get rid of some (or all) of it.
  • ●   The rent or selling price is usually higher than an ordinary unfurnished unit.

How can you still make it feel like your own?

Luxury property developers will work with you so you can choose the unit size, style and floor plan that best suits your preferences. Additionally, you can give such units a facelift to inject your personal style. Here are some helpful ideas for modifying your pre-furnished place into one that feels like home:

●   Buy your beddings

First and foremost, go and buy pillows, bedding and throw blankets that are exactly your style. This is one of the easiest ways to express your personality in your apartment.

●   Hang curtains or drapes

Curtains and drapes also add a homey touch to any space. Select curtains in a pattern and color that you love, and harmonize them with the rest of the decorative pieces in your apartment.

●   Don’t forget your wall art

Depending on how much time you’ll spend traveling, or where you are moving from, you may have some photos, paintings or mirrors with you that you can use to spruce up your new place. By hanging art that you picked out yourself, you will ensure the furnished apartment feels more like your own.

Additionally, temporary wallpaper is another option, as you can stick it to the walls. You can create an accent wall by sticking the wallpaper onto a single wall. Enjoy the colors and patterns while you are living in the apartment. You can, then, just remove it when you need to switch things up as wallpaper doesn’t mess up the original paint on the walls.

●   Include your mementos, souvenirs and knick-knacks

The mementos and souvenirs that you have from your friends, family and travels are the items that can really personalize your living space. For this reason, using them as part of your décor will remind you of all those memorable times.

Additionally, personal knick-knacks can also fit into a furnished apartment with ease as you do not have to remove anything to decorate your place with small trinkets you want around.

●   Bring in plants

Breathe more life into your fabulous apartment in Dubai with a little greenery in each room. Bring in a few fresh (or artificial) low-maintenance plants to make your furnished apartment feel warm, pleasant and homey.

●   Move things around

Maybe you prefer the coffee table to be at the foot of the bed, or a kitchen table to be used as a desk. Whatever the circumstance, rearrange the furniture to suit your needs. If you’re planning to resell someday, just remember to maintain it well.

All in all, the reasons whether you opt to buy or live in a furnished or unfurnished apartment all boil down to your lifestyle demands.

To discover how furnished properties can be a solid investment for you, get in touch with our friendly consultants at Triplanet Property Development Group without delay.

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